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Details: Category: Cycling | Published: 05 March 2012 | Created: 26 November 2014 | Hits: 4982
Motivation. It is a hard thing to maintain. Since taking up track cycling and racing, I have come to the realization I have no off season. The "off season" for most encompasses some time off the bike and then a return to the wieght room and intervals on the trainer. 

For me, since am riding and racing year round now, it is sometimes hard to stay motivated. I started with FITS Toronto back in the fall for two reasons: I needed to get my right leg which I broke in 2009 back up to the same strength as my left leg and for increasing power generated on the bike. I spent the fall going to FITS weekly, and ramped it up to twice weekly in December. It has paid off by leaps and bounds. My right leg almost has the same stength as the left and it has shown up on the bike by being about to push big gears on the track during race nights. Back in fall, I had a hell of a time getting over a big gear at the track and now it's not a problem. 

So, on Tuesdays and Thrusdays weekly I ride my bike from the office in Downtown Toronto to FITS (assuming it's not raining) and then I ride home (yes, that means I rode through the winter!). Most days, I usually get to FITS thinking how much I would rather be a home and loathing that idea if having to ride 45 mins after a hard workout. However, in the mens changeroom at FITS is group of cards with many motivational says (see photo).

FITSChangeRoomI have come to stare at these almost everytime I get changed. I find myself sometimes reading them over and over again as I head out to the gym to begin the workout. What I find is if I can in the door dragging my feet and wanting to go home, I can usually get my motivation back with this wall. I wish I take the thing home.

Some of the sayings on the wall:

Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do.

When you have completed 95% of your journey, you are only half way there.

Weakness in attitude because weakness of character.

"I hated every minute of training, but I said, suffer now and live the life of a champion" - Mohammad Ali

The last saying I typed out reminds me of how much training sucks at times, but it is the end goal that is important. With that re-read of the wall twice weekly, I'm usually ready to get back to training and I can find my way to ride home from FITS.